Synano is part of the consortium ADENEAS’ – Advanced Data and power Electrical NEtwork Architectures and Systems under the call H2020-MG-2020-SingleStage-INEA.  ADENEAS overall mission is to pave the way for the design and development of a safe, light, self-configuring, autonomous and modular power and data distribution network that is scalable to all aircraft sizes. The project will also demonstrate the integration of the data and power network and cooling system, initiate standardisation activities and ensure commercial viability. In order to reduce the weight and improve the efficiency of the existing cooling systems, the ADENEAS project will develop a 2-phase Mechanically Pumped Loop (MPL) cooling system with nano-fluids for power electronics. In this project, Synano plans to use metal, oxide and carbon nanoparticles to develop nanofluids that can be used as heat transfer medium in both single and 2-phase cooling systems. In this 3 year project starting from 2021, Synano will work closely with consortium partners like NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Centre), Evektor, Collins Aerospace and Fokker Elmo. Find more information about the consortium activities and participating companies at