Synano is participating in the consortium ‘BRAINE’ within the scope of “ECSEL Research and Innovation Action (RIA)- Call 2019”. ECSEL (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership) is a partnership between the private and the public sectors for electronic components and systems. The BRAINE’s overall aim is “to boost the development of the Edge Framework and specifically energy efficient hardware and AI empowered software systems, capable of processing Big Data at the Edge, supporting security, data privacy and sovereignty”. In BRAINE, Synano will work closely with consortium partners like Hiro Micro datacenters B.V. and JJ cooling to investigate the energy efficiency enhancement that can be achieved by using nanofluids in thermosyphons and compare the performance with base fluid. The aim is to construct a cooling system enabling Big Data Edge computing to become mobile and independent of typical server cooling infrastructure. The 3 year project began in 2020.

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