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Synano is developing stable, highly reliable & thermally superior nano-coolants.

Why are nano-coolants necessary?

Advances in technology have resulted in more powerful electronic devices that generate more heat. Improper and non-uniform dissipation of this heat affects the reliability and performance of the electronics. Efficient cooling in limited space has become a major challenge for the industry. Current coolants are limited in their capacity to cool future electronics. Nano-coolants can solve this problem.

What are nano-coolants?

Nano-coolants are suspensions of nanoparticles in base fluids like water. These nanoparticles are chemically treated to develop stable suspensions with no agglomeration or sedimentation.


Replacing current coolants with nanofluids can be beneficial for a lot of markets such as

20% *

Maximal cooling improvement


Types of Alumina nanocoolant


Particle sizes

*Compared to water with laminar flow

About us

We envision a future where nano-materials become an integral part of everyone’s life. We want to use nano-materials to make the next step in cooling to sustain the technology growth.

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